Alarms-ETC offers video verification to allow agents within our monitoring center to view recorded alarm activity to confirm if a crime has occurred. These advances in technology give homeowners more control over home monitoring and reduce the cost of implementing a surveillance camera system.

Alarms-ETC’s video verification service provides actual video footage of alarm activity to our monitoring center to verify if a crime has occurred. Once a crime is confirmed, we are able to share this information with the local authorities. Not only does this guarantee a faster response to break-ins, but it gives authorities a greater opportunity to apprehend criminals.

Video clips are recorded by a motion activated camera. These cameras have integrated night vision capabilities. When the cameras detect motion, a 10-second clip is recorded and delivered to our monitoring center. Our trained experts will review the video and make a decision on how to proceed.

Ensure your peace of mind by increasing your facilities’ security with our video surveillance system and reviewable video clips.